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Um hi [30 Jul 2005|02:15pm]
To Do

Saturday, July 30

Work PM

Sunday, July 31

Work brunch
Ask Blaire if she can work Wednesday day

Monday, August 1

Withdraw $550 from savings
Transfer $550 to checking
Deposit ($220ish?) to checking
Balance: $770
Write Carly a check for $665 (oh god)
Balance: $105
Buy Oasis tickets: $29

Tuesday, August 2

Fix schedule
Drop Greek
Find 2 more classes that don't mess with work schedule
Um see Thomas or Carly maybe?

Wednesday, August 3

Work PM (Wear Rathskellar shirt, looong shift)
Kill self
Make at least $150

Thursday, August 4

Sleep late
Turn into less than sentient vegetable
Maybe go to College Park/Registrar

Friday, August 5

Work PM
Should make at least $70

Saturday, August 6


Sunday, August 7

Work PM
Should make at least $70

Monday, August 8

Deposit $290ish into checking
Balance: $365ish
Get passport photo done $20ish
Get passport $97
Balance: $115

Other Money Stuff

$150 US

Food (Italy)
Um...um um? $200?

Other Stuff (Italy)

Food (England)
$200 US

Other Stuff (England)
$500 US

Ugh that is a lot!!!


I am so poor omg.


Ok, I just did the math, and if I'm really careful about what I spend (don't spend more than $500 on clothes omg!) and I work enough hours during the week (Friday nights, Saturday nights, Wednesday nights maybe), and I get Christmas money, I'll be fine. A+ totally fine. Fuck it, Rome and London? I don't need a savings account.


[25 Aug 2004|04:52pm]
Los desaparecidos no pueden hablar.

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